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Employee Access Login

 SmartCare LIVE

calendar icon Email & Calendar

clock icon Time Clock

datis icon HR & Payroll

house with crossing lines and points representing the internet Nexus, Tri-County's Intranet

key in front of a filing cabinet Relias Learning Gateway

   XFER+ALL Patient Transfers

a green folded page with white lines Scanning - LaserFiche

a clipboard icon with a piece of paper on it with a green check mark Client Check-In Board

a graph icon with 3 colored lines Chief Reports

a lock surrounded by a blue polygon with rounded corners on the top left and bottom right Application Access Manager

a man icon with a blue plus sign in front of him New Index Card

an icon with a scan gun over a QR code IT Inventory

a pencil in a foam green circle to the right of 3 selection circles Survey

   Phone Inquiry 

kokopelli icon Citrix Login (Cerner/Anasazi)

 SmartCare Train                     QA




a black icon too small to understand what it is  Install Citrix Receiver, the client required to access Anasazi.

a blue icon with a gray box   Install TeamViewer, the client required for Remote HelpDesk.

life size icon   Install LifeSize, the client required to use TeleHealth services.   

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